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20/11/2012  Welcome to the official website of Robertino Loreti. To contact Robertino Loreti Italy to call the teacher Fabrizio Masci +39.339.21.85.237 or send mail to     


Robertino was born on the October 22nd 1947 in Rome to a large family of eight children which struggled to make ends meet. His real name is Roberto Loreti. When he was attending fifth grade his father became ill. To help his family out he found work as a baker´s assistant and, during his delivery rounds among Trastevere´s restaurants in Rome, he sang tunes out of traditional folk songs. Robertino was very happy, because he could now be of even more help to his mother.
As the lead singer in his choir, he took part in a performance at the Vatican City in the presence of the “Pope of the Goodness” John XXXIII.
The Pope was so touched by Robertino that he wanted to meet him in person. In that period Robertino was singing in the “Café Grand´Italia” of Esedra Square in Rome and in one of these occasions he met the great neapolitan actor Toto and the Danish TV director Volmer Soerensen. Robertino, escorted by his father, went to Denmark where he released his first records and started his television career.
His success spread fast and reached Northern Europe: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Belgium and then on to England, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland and Austria. His visits to Italy were rare in this period. He only returned during the festivities to hug his mother and for the many music events amongst which the San Remo Festival, Festival of Naples that he won in 1966 with Sergio Bruni. He made many a triumphal tours in America, Canada, Russia, Japan and Australia.
An extraordinary and fast career. In America where he is nicknamed “Golden boy”, he performed in the most famous TV programs like the “ Ed Sullivan Show” and “Steve Laurence” with Paul Anka. He sung in the most important theatres like Carnegie-Hall and Madison Square Garden. In Mexico he is known as “Señor Simpatia and in Russia as “Mister Jamaica”. In Northern Europe he is known as “The Minstrel of Italian Music” He is also known as the “Voice of Space”.
Firstly because the admiration that Yuri Gagarin had for his songs and secondly because the first woman astronaut Valentina Tereskova wanted to listen to Robertino´s songs during her space voyage on board “Vostok”. Robertino’s songs are still widely broadcast in Moscow and other Russian cities.
He was invited by Kruschev and Yeltsin for numerous shows and always more than welcomed by the russian public. Australia and Japan also tribute him great honours, defining him “Ambassador of Italian Music”. He has won many Golden Discs for having sold more than one million copies (as a matter of fact he sold over 56 million copies in the former Soviet Union alone). Also Scandinavia has always been dear to Robertino and he returns there with affection. Today as well as yesterday Robertino has great success singing Italian songs with his powerful voice in theatres worldwide accompanied by large orchestras and his versatile pianist, arranger and friend Fabrizio Masci, also from Roma.